It is with both excitement and sadness that I write this letter to you. After 43 years of accounting, I have reached the point in my life when it is time to step back from my work. I am excited to look ahead to retirement and all its new adventures, but sad to leave you all.  I will very much miss my clients; you have all become friends and family to me and many have been with me a majority of my career.  My last day will be December 28, 2018.

I am sorry for the late notice but I have been working on my retirement plan for most of the year.   My biggest concern in my decision to retire has been to find the right person to take over my practice.  I looked for someone with high professional standards, extensive tax and accounting experience, and good interpersonal skills.  I am very happy to share that I have found those qualities in Shelli Huston and Dawn Huston.

Shelli is a CPA who has worked for various CPAs over the past twenty years, along with her sister in law Dawn.  They have started their own practice here in Gladstone. I am confident that she has extensive knowledge of the new tax law.  Her sister in law Dawn has provided bookkeeping and payroll services to clients for the past 26 years.  I have attached a complete history on the following page. You can expect your accounting fees to be comparable with the fees I charged and any increase will only be due to additional services and planning services that are due to the new tax law and will be fully explained to you.

Shelli, Dawn and I have been working together closely to ensure our transition goes smoothly. In addition, Susie and Heather have been an instrumental part of the transition and both of them will join Shelli and Dawn in providing quality service to all of our clients. Dawn and Shelli are very excited about the opportunity to meet you and continue to provide you with the high level of service and advice you have come to expect. We are having an open house on December 27th and 28th at their office. I invite and encourage you to drop by and meet them. This will provide an opportunity to thank you for your patronage over the years. I will continue to provide consultation with Shelli and Dawn to answer any question they may have on your account.

Huston Tax and Accounting is located at:

25 82nd Ave
Suite 101
Gladstone OR 97027